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At INGECLIMA, we take care of the comprehensive development of your project.
In this way, we minimize the many risks associated with these types of facilities, given the multitude of variables involved.

Sterile products
To manufacture sterile drugs, facilities with a high degree of specialization are required.

Non-sterile products
The production of non-sterile pharmaceutical forms also requires a high degree of specialization and finish in order to comply with GMP and FDA standards.

INGECLIMA designs and produces all types of facilities that should be classified as:

Sampling and Weighing Areas
Facilities complete with custom-integrated laminar flow, the option of ATEX Separation of laminar flow, through air curtains whose effectiveness has been proven, being able to eliminate PVC slats.
Manufacturing and packaging: Solids, Liquids, Creams, etc.

Biotechnological Products
This sector has been constantly growing for the last few years, and it is increasingly more demanding in its production plants.

Fine Chemistry (API's):
The production of the active ingredients that will form part of future medicines requires specific, suitable facilities, where protecting the product, the operator and the environment is a determining factor.

At INGECLIMA, we are aware of these premises, and we equip the facilities with the systems and controls needed to ensure the product’s final quality and to ensure that there is no pollution.


GMP Consulting (Good Manufacturing Practices)
We accompany our clients from the start of their projects, providing advice in order to draw up the functional Design Project.

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Veterinary Medicine
Producing sterile and non-sterile drugs for animals requires classified facilities, just like in the pharmaceutical industry. At INGECLIMA, we take care of your "turnkey" project.
Biosafety areas.
Sterile manufacturing.
Non-sterile manufacturing.
Animal Housing Units for research .

At INGECLIMA, we take care of your "turnkey" project .
Making clean rooms.
Manufacturing and packaging processes.
High quality water treatment.

Cell Culture
Complete facilities for cell culture benches and rooms that are fully equipped with SAS of materials, phenolic resin work benches integrated in the enclosures to locate the equipment.
Sterile areas in accordance with GMPs.

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