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At INGECLIMA, we design systems and we integrate the different components of the best reputable brands in order to produce: Complete "turnkey" plants for storage generation and distribution of PW, HPW and WFI according to the most advanced techniques.

P.W. Osmosis condenser.
Orbital Reverse Osmosis.
Purified Water Plants and Water For Injection Plants.
Pure steam.
Loops for Distributing Purified Water and Water For Injection.
CIP / SIP Systems.
Complete documentation for Validation.

The technology to be implemented will depend on the characteristics of the input water and on the user's needs, in such a way that we can ensure the end result in terms of capacity and quality.

The water quality meets the specific parameters indicated by the different standards (USP, EU GMP's, and local pharmacopoeia), in terms of its physical and chemical composition, conductivity, organic carbon content, bacterial organisms and endotoxins.

Just as important as water generation is water distribution under the appropriate conditions, in order to ensure the requisite quality in equipment and usage points

At INGECLIMA, we have developed storage and distribution systems, equipping them with CFR 21 part. 11 automated controls that can be validated, with different sterilization and sanitation options.

Water for Injection (W.F.I.):
Complete Plants for Water for Injection.
Distillation Equipment.
WFI storage tanks.
Loops of Water for Injection a 60/80ºC.
Cold water usage points.

Purified water (PW):
Complete Plants for purified water.
Reverse Osmosis Equipment.
Storage tanks for purified water.
Loops of purified water.
Heat Exchangers to keep loop at 15º.
Fully automatic sanitized and sterilized cycles.

Applicable in:
Pharmaceutical industry.
Research Laboratories.
Hospital Industry.
Food Industry.
Other industries.


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