White Clean Rooms

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Clean rooms, or white rooms, are rooms that are specially designed to obtain low levels of contamination. These clean rooms must have strictly controlled environmental parameters: air particles, temperature, humidity, airflow, interior air pressure, lighting, etc.

Quality control of our products is essential to maintaining our leadership position. That is why everything we produce is highly reliable, and we can provide solutions to air pollution problems. These solutions envisage everything from the placement of enclosures to validation of the rooms. Creating innovative, high-quality products is not just an objective—now it's a reality. We prove this every day in the different sectors we are involved in.


Panels in accordance with the project's architectural design, we make enclosures for the classified rooms with free-standing panels specially created for this purpose. These panels are finished with phenolic resin, lacquered steel sheets or stainless steel sheets, and with polystyrene core, rock wool or aluminum in honeycomb. Doors and profiling in aluminum or PVC for frames have been designed in curved form in order to avoid dust accumulation and to allow easy cleaning. Modular ceilings or continuous ceilings allow access for convenient maintenance of the facilities.

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