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Quality Assurance

salas limpias 23INGECLIMA has its processes defined in order to ensure systematic implementation of its policies, strategies, objectives and plans.

This objective has led to the introduction of an improvement project, arising from the self-assessment that is carried out according to the EFQM excellence model.

The Quality Assurance System that is implemented is aimed at ongoing improvement of the service rendered to clients.

This system is supported by the OCA UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 y OHSAS 18001 certifications.

The Quality Assurance department is involved in the project from the initial stage to delivery of the facility in order to ensure final conformity in accordance with user requirements and applicable regulations.

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.....-Documented quality as our most outstanding value.
.....-Technological quality in the design phase.
. ...-Ensuring efficient procurement of equipment and components.
.....-Thorough control of assemblies.
.....-Documentary quality in As-Built deliveries.
.....-Successful Delivery of the facility.


A INGECLIMA, S.L., ASSISTANCE INGECLIMA (ASISTECLIMA), S.L., VALIDATEC, S.L.,IRATI CONTROL S.L. CLEAN ROOM CONCEPT, S.L., AD-TECH IBERICA, S.L, companies in the ALBIAN Group, adapting to the needs of Quality, Productivity, Environmental Concern and Prevention and Security demanded by an increasingly competitive market, has a Management System, described in the MANAGEMENT MANUAL and developed in the system, in accordance with the requirements of International Standards OCA UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, which are in force.

The General Directorate expressly declares its fundamental commitment to promoting Quality and Prevention in the companies listed above, in order to achieve compliance with the following policy:
- The main objective is customer satisfaction and the prevention and avoidance of damage and risks to people and the prevention of pollution.
- Quality is understood to mean suitability for use, delivery times and reasonable costs.
- The Directorate will promote the improvements needed to attain the objectives.
- Quality and the prevention of pollution and risks at the workplace are not only the result of checks but rather of proper and thorough planning, implementation and ongoing audits.
- Quality and the prevention of pollution and risks can only be interpreted as a permanent compliance with the requirements—the legal requirements, those of the clients, and those acquired by the organization.
- Quality and prevention are aimed at ongoing improvement. Faults, accidents and incidents must be used to learn and to eliminate the sources or causes that have created them.
- This requires cooperation and participation from all levels, and to that end, information, communication and training are essential.
- All staff members must accept the commitment to improve quality, safe working methods and good environmental practices within the scope of their job.

The General Directorate, with the Training Plan, ensures that its Integrated Policy is understood and accepted by all staff members. With the internal audits, the General Directorate verifies that the system maintains its efficiency and adequacy.



                OCA UNE-EN ISO 9001                   UNE-EN ISO 14001                       OHSAS 18001


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