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A group consisting of companies with complementary technologies that are specialized in supplies for clean rooms and critical areas in the following industries: the Pharmaceutical industry, Veterinary Medicine, Biotechnology and similar industries.


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Building “turnkey” Clean rooms.

Architecture with special enclosures
Air Treatment and Filtration, Auxiliary Facilities and Services
Water Treatment and fluids for aseptic processes.

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Clean Room Utility Services .

Comprehensive Management and Maintenance of Facilities. Technical support services for the equipment and facilities provided by the companies in the group. Scheduled maintenance

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Audits, Certifications and Validations.

Air Quality Audits. Energy Audits.
Facility Certification and Process Validation.
Validation of computer systems for monitoring clean rooms in accordance with CFR 21

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Automation, Control and Equipment.

Monitoring Critical Areas, which integrate different systems and enable validation in accordance with CFR 21 part. 1. Supply and installation of additional equipment for clean rooms: Insulators and depression process cabins. Laminar flow, biological SAS, etc.

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Supplying Sterile Production Equipment.

Automatic processing and packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnology industry and the cosmetics industry.
ACTINI: Biowaste Effluent decontamination equipment in biologically contaminated liquids
TOFFLON: Industrial and laboratory freeze dryers.
AQUA-NOVA: Water Distillers (WFI), Pure Steam Generators (PS), CIP & SIP, Purified Water (PW).
ROTA: Filling Vials / Ampoule / vials / prefilled syringes. Sterilized Tunnel. Washers vials / ampoules. Labeling.
ICOS: Autoclaves GMP's and Laboratorios.Hornos depyrogenated. Washing GMP's.
CONVEL: Automatic inspection of ampoules and vials.

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Clean Concept Interior Architecture for Clean Rooms.

Supply and assembly of modular enclosures and associated equipment for clean rooms. Screens, doors, windows and profiling for hygienic finish. Modular and continuous ceilings, paving, furniture and equipment associated with enclosures, such as: Lockers, benches, work benches, decontamination SAS, Air showers, etc.

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