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MPL Modular Portable Laboratory


Modular construction is a system based on the assembly of prefabricated modular units to allow the creation of small contamination controlled spaces for critical processes up to complete laboratories with complex configurations.

MPL - Modular Portable Laboratory by Ingeclima ®
is a product that arises from the need to give to the market a fast constructive solution, sustainable and efficient in order to respond to new trends in the world`s needs for life sciences.
The increasing need to create new infrastructures for production and research related to life sciences is growing more and more.

The Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Veterinary industries are evolving in recent years towards smaller-scale productions, but very specialized ones. That is why the infrastructure necessary to make these productions according to the existing requirements should be adapted to the same extent. Thus, the modular MPL - Modular Portable Laboratory by Ingeclima ®, provides a range of versatile solutions which are technologically adapted to the most demanding regulations.

After 25 years of existence in the world of cleanrooms, Ingeclima launches this product with the knowledge that condenses 25 years of experience in a product adapted to different areas:


Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Veterinary GMP:

• Biotechnological Production of API.
• Aseptic Production with injectable dosage forms. Lyophilized.
• Production of high potency products (HPAPI).
• Oral drugs.
• Auxiliary utilities Modules: Purified Water - PW, distilled water for injections - WFI, Pure Steam - PS, etc ...

Research / Life Sciences:

• Biosafety Laboratories BSL.
• Laboratories for Advanced Therapies.
• Modules for Hospital Pharmacy.
• Animal Facilities - Animal facilities for breeding and experimentation.
• Operating Room units.

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