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The production processes or research processes carried out in clean rooms require continuous interaction with the outside, due to personnel flows, product flows, material flows, fluid flows, etc.

Said flows should not at any time compromise the established asepsis or clean conditions.

That is why the clean rooms cannot be considered isolated areas.

INGECLIMA designs and installs the associated equipment to attain full integration with the architecture, facilities and production process, such as for example:

Fully equipped locker rooms.
Air showers.
Decontamination showers.
Furniture for laboratories.
Gas Cabins.
Laminar Flows, Cabins for product weighing.
Biosafety cabinets, Insulators.
Containment Systems to protect the operator, the product and the environment.
Inactivation of Effluents (Biowaste).
Pass-through box and SAS decontamination.
Watertight doors with inflatable seal locks for biocontainment areas.

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